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You can make money typing online in various ways. You need the skills of a good typing speed, of course, and after that you just need a computer and an Internet connection. You also need to be aware of the many scams.

Typing jobs online are littered with scams. There are all kinds of people trying to take money from the unwary through offers that don’t deliver on the promise. If the offer tells you that you can make several hundred dollars a day typing at home, it’s most likely a scam.

Look out for something realistic. Being told you can earn $75 a day is good, and it’s reasonably realistic too. The Lotto Lifestyle site has a number of suggestions of how to earn money through your typing skills. It suggests some ways to earn through others, and it suggests way to earn for yourself.

Article marketing is a well established and proven way to earn money. You don’t have to depend on anyone for your income. You earn it all for yourself. To start, you could find a product to promote.

Go to one of the affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction , Shareasale , or ClickBank and choose a product you would like to promote. You will need to sign up with the affiliate network first, of course.

Once you have chosen a product, get the affiliate code from the merchant. This is how you will earn money, for when someone clicks on this link and buys the product, you will get a share of the profits.

Before you start promoting the product, you need to research some keywords associated with the product. Use the Google keyword tool and enter the main overall broad keyword to get more targeted other keywords. Choose the best ones with a reasonable search volume, but not too much competition. Get a list of at least 20, but get more if you can.

You now need to exercise your typing skills. Start by writing articles about the product, or about the general thing that the product does. For example, if your are promoting a particular brand of lawn mower, you could write and lawns and how to care for them. You could include lots of tips for lawn care and end up by suggesting that brand X lawn mower takes the best care of lawns.

This indirect style of writing works well for article marketing. You next need to submit your article to the best article directories. Online Marketing Research has a good list. If you are allowed to place your affiliate link in the body of the article at any of the directories, you should do this. If not, then only include it in the resource box at the end of the article.

Don’t stop at writing one article. You are trying to make money through typing, so type a lot and write many, many articles. In fact, the more articles you can write the better. Use you keyword list researched earlier and write an article based on every keyword you have. Submit all the articles to the article directories and before long people will read them and click on your affiliate link in the resource box. Some of them will buy the product and you will make a commission.

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